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Image #   26404D
Name:   Methylococcus capsulatus - methylotrophic bacterium (prokaryote)
Copyright:   Copyright 2007 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Caption: Methylococcus capsulatus is a Gram-negative, methylotrophic bacterium. Methylotrophs are a diverse group of microorganisms that can utilize one-carbon compounds, such as methanol, as the carbon source for their growth. The abundance and low price of methanol compared to commonly used sugars make methylotrophs competent organisms for production of amino acids, vitamins, recombinant proteins, single-cell proteins, co-enzymes and cytochromes. Methylococcus capsulatus is also a methanotrophic bacterium (methanotroph) since it uses methane as a source of carbon and energy. It primarily lives under aerobic and microaerobic conditions. M. capsulatus is used to reduce methane and other pollutants. In addition to methane, M. capsulatus is able metabolize some toxic aromatic compounds. Methanotrophs and methylotrophs can occur in extreme environments and are especially common where methane is produced. Their habitats range from oceans, mud, marshes, underground environments, soils, fresh water, rice paddies, etc. They are of special interest to researchers studying global warming. The genome sequence of M. capsulatus is known.
Magnification*: x4,400
Type: SEM
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   03.01.07 bacteria bacterium methanotroph methanotrophic methylotroph methylotrophic Methylococcus Proteobacteria Proteobacterium microbe microbiology extremophile bacteria extremophile bacterium extremophile extremophiles extremophilic methanogen chemoautotroph chemoautotrophic chemoautotrophs chemotroph chemotrophic chemotrophs extreme environment Gram-negative Gram negative coccoid bacteria coccoid bacterium cocci coccoid coccus aerobic methylotrophs soil bacterium soil bacteria soil microorganism soil microorganisms aquatic bacteria aquatic bacterium aquatic microbe aquatic microbes aquatic microorganism aquatic microorganisms fresh water freshwater salt water methanotrophs methane methanol methylamine single carbon carbon source single carbon source Methylococcus capsulatus methane oxidation global warming biodegradation biodegradable polluted water pollutant pollutants polluted air sulfur oxidation methane reduction SEM mciroaerobic 26404D

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