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Image #   212568B
Name:   Marine amphipod (Polynesoecetes kekeae)
Copyright:   Copyright 2012 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Caption: Marine amphipod crustacean (Polynesoecetes kekeae). This marine amphipod normally inhabits marine shells in the gastropod families Cerithidae and Dialidae. The amphipod extends the entrance to the shell by gluing together sand grains in the form of a tube. The ?glue?, called ?amphipod silk? is secreted by glands on the 3rd and 4th legs. The bases of legs three to five possess large spines that are used to help the amphipod grip the inside of the shell. The thorax bears eight pairs of uniramous appendages and the abdomen is divided in to two parts - the pleosome which bears swimming legs; and the urosome which has a telson and three pairs of uropods. Young amphipods hatch directly from the brood pouch of the female and spend the first few weeks of their lives in small tubes of cemented sand grains attached to the shell of the adult female. Living in the shell with the amphipod is an unknown symbiont species of copepod, sometimes also with two juvenile copepods.
Magnification*: x29
Type: SEM
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   Polynesoecetes Polynesoecetes kekeae 06.01.12 212568B amphipod crustacean amphipod crustaceans crustacean crustaceans Arthropoda arthropod arthropods Crustacea Malacostraca malacostracan crustacean malacostracan crustaceans invertebrate invertebrates misc. invertebrates Dialidae amphipod silk crustacean silk marine marine sea shell marine seashell marine seashells marine shell marine shells salt water saltwater sea water seawater Cerithidae SEM appendage appendages pleosome swimming leg swimming legs thoracic appendage thoracic appendages thorax appendage thorax appendages uniramous appendage uniramous appendages urosome swimming appendage swimming appendages telson uropods marine plankton marine zooplankton plankton salt water plankton saltwater plankton sea water plankton seawater plankton zooplankton Hawaiian amphipod Pacific amphipod marine crustacean marine crustaceans salt water crustacean salt water crustaceans saltwater crustacean saltwater crustaceans sea water crustacean sea water crustaceans seawater crustacean seawater crustaceans

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