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Image #   870317-12
Name:   Human cardiac muscle
Copyright:   Copyright 2012 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Caption: Light micrograph of human cardiac muscle. Cardiac muscle consists of branching elongated muscle cells, called myocytes, which form fibers (blue vertical muscle bundles). The myocytes are separated by intercalated discs (pink), which allow electrical signals to travel rapidly between myocytes. Myocytes consist of microfilaments (myofibrils) of the contractile proteins actin and myosin, many mitochondria (not seen) and centrally located nucleus (not seen). Cardiac muscle is myogenic, it can cause its own contraction without any other input. Cardiac muscle, unlike skeletal muscle, is composed of separate cellular elements. The heart produces regular electrical impulses causing the muscle myofibrils to slide over one another and contract the cardiac muscle. In the living heart connective tissue rich in blood fills the spaces between the muscle cells bands demonstrating the heart's high demand for oxygen.
Magnification*: x100
Type: LM Brightfield
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   870317-12 actin cardiac cell fiber heart muscle myosin nucleus Z line animal cell actomyosin actomyosin filaments myofibril myofibrils myofilament myofilaments actin filament actin filaments myosin filament myosin filaments cardiac cardiac muscle collagen collagen fibers heart muscle collagen fiber heart muscle fiber heart muscle fibers muscle fiber muscle fibers human body circulatory system contracted muscle muscle fibre muscles ventricle cardiac surface heart pericardium epithelia epithelial cell epithelial cells epithelium epithelium cell epithelium cells squamous epithelial cell squamous epithelial cells squamous epithelium cell squamous epithelium cells flattened squamous epithelia flattened squamous epithelial flattened squamous epithelial cell flattened squamous epithelial cells flattened squamous epithelium connective tissue connective tissues fibronectin laminin heart inflammation fibrous layer medical myocyte myocytes intercalated disc intercalated discs electrical signal electrical signals cardiac myofibril cardiac myofibrils cardiac myofilament cardiac myofilaments contractile protein contractile proteins human cardiac muscle human heart muscle human muscle myogenic myogenic cardiac muscle myogenic muscle cellular element cellular elements muscle element muscle elements cardiac muscle activity cardiac muscle contraction cardiac muscle contractions cardiac muscle electrial impulse contraction contractions electrical impulse electrical impulses heart contraction heart contractions heart impulse heart impulses heart beat heart beats heartbeat heartbeats muscle contraction muscle contractions LM actin myofibril actin myofibrils atrium brightfield cells human cell human cells myosin filaments myosin myofibril myosin myofibrils papillary muscle papillary muscles light micrograph 06.01.12

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