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Odorous house ant (<i>Tapinoma sessile</i>)
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Image #   991220-01
Name:   Transformed bacteria colony (E. coli) containing GFP
Copyright:   Copyright 2012 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Caption: Light micrograph of a transformed bacteria colony (Escherichia coli / E. coli) containing a jellyfish gene for GFP (green fluorescent protein). GFP is a 238 amino acid protein found in the Pacific jellyfish (Aequorea victoria). It exhibits a bright green fluorescence (green bioluminescence) when exposed to ultraviolet blue light. GFP is widely used as a research tool in biology and medicine. The gene coding for GFP can be tagged to the genes of other proteins or viruses to study their movements within cells. GFP can also be used to tagged cancer cells to track their spread through the body. The purpose of both bioluminescence and GFP fluorescence in jellyfish is unknown.
Magnification*: x20
Type: LM Fluorescence
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   991220-01 Pacific jelly fish Pacific jellyfish jelly fish jellyfish Aequorea Aequorea victoria E. coli Escherichia Escherichia coli bacteria bacterial bacterium biology cell biology microbiology Proteobacteria Enterobacteriales Enterobacteriaceae bioluminescent biotech biotechnology colonies colony culture cultured bacteria fluorescense fluorescent gene genes genetic genetic engineering genetics GFP green fluorescense green fluorescent green fluorescent protein green glow molecular biology petri dish petri plate DNA recombinant dna research science science research transformation transgenic transgenic microorganism transgenic microorganisms transgenic organism transgenic organisms green fluorescence bioluminescence green bioluminescence GFP bacteria GFP bacterium GFP bacteria colony amino acid amino acids green fluorescent proteins protein proteins transformed bacterium transformed bacteria transformed bacteria colony transformed bacterial colony bacteria colonies bacteria colony transformed colonies transformed colony medicine research tool fluorescent molecule fluorescent molecules transgenic protein transgenic proteins transformed GFP transgenic GFP fluorescence fluorescence microscopy fluorescense microscopy microscopy fluorescent protein fluorescent proteins anaerobe anaerobic bacilli bacillus facultatively anaerobic rod rod shaped rod shaped bacteria rod-shaped rod-shaped bacteria rod-shaped bacterium rods Gram negative Gram-negative anaerobic bacteria anaerobic bacterium rod shaped bacterium human microbiota prokaryote LM jelly fish gene jelly fish genes jellyfish gene jellyfish genes tagged gene tagged genes light micrograph 06.01.12

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