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Image #   860618-30
Name:   Green algae (Acetabularia species)
Copyright:   Copyright 2007 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Caption: Green algae (Acetabularia peniculus and Acetabularia mediterranea). Acetabularia is a genus of green marine algae commonly found in subtropical waters. It is a single-celled organism (alga) that is the largest single cell known to science. Acetabularia has three basic parts: its rhizoid (a short set of root-like appendages that contain the nucleus and anchor the cell to a substrate); a long median stalk and an apex, where its whorled cap forms. The genus name, Acetabularia, means 'little cup' and most species have a cup-shaped appearance at the apex. The main cellular stalk is elongated and bears a single fertile whorl (reproductive fruiting structure) at its apex. In this image A. peniculus (left) has a whorl that radiates in different planes and it not as cup-shaped as in other Acetabularia species (such as Acetabularia mediterranea - right). Also note that the whorl branches contain gametangia (reproductive cysts). Because of it size Acetabularia is important in cell biology and genetic research: particularly nucleus experiments and it role in growth and structure.
Magnification*: x24
Type: LM Darkfield
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   860618-30 Acetabularia Acetabularia mediterranea green alga green algae marine alga marine algae Eukaryota Plantae Chlorophyta Ulvophyceae Dasycladales Polyphysaceae gametangia gametangia cyst gametangia cysts gametangium gametangium cyst gametangium cysts Acetebularia peniculus LM cup shaped alga cup shaped algae cup-shaped alga cup-shaped algae rhizoid single cell single cell alga single cell algae single-cell single-cell alga single-cell algae single-celled whorl whorls little cup single celled single celled alga single celled algae single-celled alga single-celled algae single celled organism single-celled organism Acetabularia peniculus subtopical subtopical alga subtopical algae ocean sea water subtropical subtropical ocean subtropical oceans seawater green marine alga green marine algae stalk apex light micrograph 06.01.12

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