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Image #   211204B
Name:   Basidiomycete yeast / fungus (Rhodotorula minuta)
Copyright:   Copyright 2011 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Description: Basidiomycete yeast / fungus (Rhodotorula minuta). Rhodotorula minuta is an emerging yeast pathogen causing infection particularly in immunocompromised patients. Reports of disease include hip joint sepsis and catheter related sepsis in a HIV positive patient. Rhodotorula species are pigmented yeasts. This distinctive color is the result of pigments that the yeast creates to block out certain wavelengths of light that would otherwise be damaging to the cell. Rhodotorula minuta colonies are typically pink and smooth and are usually isolated from shrimp, cheese, mammals and air. Rhodotorula minuta, an excellent producer of isobutene that is a potential candidate to help overcome the global shortage of crude oil deposits. Rhodotorula is a common in the environment. It can be cultured from soil, water, and air samples.
Type: SEM
Magnification:* x3,200
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   06.01.11 211204B Basidiomycota Urediniomycetes Sporidiales Sporidiobolaceae basidiomycete fungi basidiomycete fungus basidiomycetous fungi basidiomycetous fungus immunocompromised patients isobutene joint sepsis sepsis pigmented yeast pigmented yeasts fungal pathgen fungal pathgens fungi pathgen fungi pathgens fungus pathgens fungus pathogen emerging pathogen emerging yeast pathogen yeast pathogen fungi false yeast fungus eukaryote spore bud budding Rhodotorula allergen SEM yeast contaminant airborne yeast pink yeast saprophyte saprophytes saprophytic yeast saprophytic yeasts immunocompromised patient immunocompromized patients septicemia skin infection respiratory infection genitourinary infection gastrointestinal tract infection skin infections respiratory infections genitourinary infections gastrointestinal tract infections gastrointestinal infection gastrointestinal infections urinary infection urinary infections Rhodotorula minuta nosocomial hospital-acquired infection hospital acquired infection hospital-acquired infections hospital acquired infections dialysis infection dialysis infections catheter infection catheter infections endocarditis meningitis allergens allergenic allergenic fungus fungal pathogen pathogenic fungus pathogenic fungi soil fungus soil fungi soil microorganism soil microbe soil microorganisms soil microbes hypersensitivity pneumonitis dermatitis feces contaminant urine contaminant imperfect yeast imperfect basidiomycetous yeast basidiomycete basidiomycete yeast human infection human infections rhodotorulorsis mucoid yeast mucoid yeasts encapsulated yeast encapsulated yeasts yeast budding budding yeast food spoilage fungi and slime molds nosocomial infection nosocomial infections

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