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Image #   211149-50D
Name:   Micro-polychaete worm (Augeneriella dubia)
Copyright:   Copyright 2011 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Description: The Polychaeta are a class of annelid worms, generally marine. Polychaetes range from microscopic to 10 feet long, the average being 4 inches. Most polychaetes crawl on the ocean floor, but others have modified body structures to adapt to various ecological niches. Augeneriella dubia, a microscopic polychaete (also known as a micro-polychaete, feather duster worm, bristle worm or fan worm), has a segmented body topped by a radial crown made up of 3 pairs of finger-like radioli (tentacles, shown here) that function in filter feeding and respiration. The head includes a pair of antennae, tentacle-like palps (only 1 palp is shown here), and a pair of cilia-lined pits known as "nuchal organs". These appear to be chemoreceptors that help the worm find food. Each body segment has a pair of fleshy protrusions (parapodia) bearing many chitinous bristles (chaetae / setae) used for movement.
Type: SEM
Magnification:* x35
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   211149-50D 06.01.11 micro polychaete micro polychaetes micro-polychaete micro-polychaetes polychaete polychaetes Augeneriella dubia Annelida annelid annelid worm annelid worms annelids marine worm marine worms marine annelid marine annelids radial crown radioli antenna antennae palps nuchal organ nuchal organs chemoreceptor chemoreceptors parapodia parapodium chaeta chaetae chitin chitin bristle chitin bristles chitinous bristle chitinous bristles SEM seta setae filter feeder filter feeders filter feeding marine filter feeder marine filter feeders marine filter feeding bristle worm bristle worms Sabellidae Fabricinae sabellid sabellids microscopic polychaete microscopic polychaetes tubicolous worm tubicolous worms Hawaii Hawaii polychaete Pacific Ocean Pacific ocean polychaete crown tentacle crown tentacles tentacle tentacles sabellid polychaete sabellid polychaetes feather duster worm feather duster worms polychaete tube worm polychaete tube worms marine intertidal marine intertidal zone marine intertidal zones cilia cilium Palpata Canalipalpata bristle annelid bristle annelids bristle footed annelid bristle footed annelids bristle-footed annelid bristle-footed annelids fan worm tube worm tubeworm fan head worm fan head worms fan-head worm fan-head worms

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