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Image #   29892C
Name:   Psyllium seed (Plantago ovata)
Copyright:   Copyright 2011 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Description: Psyllium / plantain seed (Plantago ovata). The genus Plantago contains over 200 species;; 2 species (Plantago ovata and Plantago psyllium) are important commercially in having seed husks that are used in herbal medicine as a laxative. Psyllium seed husks (also known as ispaghula, isabgol, or psyllium) are the outer seed coats that are high in fiber and mucilage content. The husks are soluble in water, expanding and becoming mucilaginous when wet. Psyllium seed husks are indigestible in human beings and are thus used as a source of dietary fiber. Psyllium is produced mainly for its mucilage content, which is highest in P. ovata. The term mucilage describes a group of clear, colorless, gelling agents derived from plants. Mucilage is obtained by mechanical milling/grinding of the outer layer of the seed. The milled seed mucilage is a white fibrous material that is hydrophilic and thus strongly binds to water. Upon absorbing water, the clear, colorless, mucilaginous gel that forms increases in volume by tenfold or more producing the dietary fiber bulk.
Type: SEM
Magnification:* x11
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   29892C plants plant botany miscellaneous dietary fiber laxative medicinal mucilage psyllium psyllium seed plant seed Ispaghula seed Plantago seed Plantago ovata foodstuff foodstuffs SEM Plantago 06.01.11 diet dietary bulk food foods husk husks hydrophilic hydrophilic husk hydrophilic husks laxative fiber laxative fibers laxative fibre laxative fibres psyllium fiber psyllium fibers psyllium fibre psyllium fibres psyllium husk psyllium husks herbal medicine herbal medicines psyllium grain psyllium grains Ayurveda Ayurveda science Plantaginaceae flea seed French psyllium Spanish psyllium black psyllium Plantago psyllium psyllion isabgol edible edible food edible foods edible foodstuff edible foodstuffs soluble fiber soluble fibers soluble fibre soluble fibres constipation IBS irritable bowel irritable bowel syndrome diverticular diverticular disease diarrhea seed coat seed coats gelling gelling agent gelling agents mucilagenous mucilagenous fiber mucilagenous fibers dietary fiber bulk fiber bulk blonde psyllium plantain plantain seed plantain seeds plantains desert indian wheat desert indianwheat Plantagineae Lamiales blood glucose hypercholesterolemia weight loss Desert Indian Wheat fleaseed fleawort

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