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Image #   210123C
Name:   Megakaryocyte and platelet formation
Copyright:   Copyright 2011 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Description: Human bone marrow megakaryocyte and proplatelet / platelet formation. Shown in this image is a large megakaryocyte in the process of forming 2 small platelets via proplatelet extensions. Megakaryocytes are derived from hematopoietic stem cell precursor cells in the bone marrow. During megakaryocyte maturation the cell grows in size and replicates its DNA without cytokinesis (a process called endomitosis). As a result, the nucleus of the megakaryocyte is polyploid and may contain up to 32 copies of the normal complement of DNA in a human cell. Megakaryocytes are responsible for the production of blood thrombocytes (platelets), which are necessary for normal blood clotting. Megakaryocytes release mature platelets in a complex process. Platelet production begins with the extension of large pseudopodia from the megakaryocyte cell surface that form thin tube-like cytoplasmic extensions (with bulbous thickenings) called proplatelets. As the proplatelet development continues small platelets can be seen forming along the proplatelet processes. Each megakaryocyte produces and releases hundreds of platelets into the circulatory system. Nearly a trillion platelets circulate in an adult human and respond to blood vessel injury by changing shape, secreting granule contents, and aggregating. Thrombopoietin plays a role in inducing the megakaryocyte to form small proplatelet processes that then form immature platelets and eventually mature blood platelets.
Type: SEM
Magnification:* x1,600
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   210123C medical megakaryocyte megakaryocytes platelet platelets proplatelet proplatelets bone marrow bone marrow cell thrombocyte thrombocytes cord blood stem cell stem cells SEM 06.01.11 pro-platelet proto-platelet proto-platelets protoplateletes protoplatelets hematopoietic stem cell hematopoietic stem cells blood thrombocyte blood thrombocytes human blood human blood thrombocyte human blood thrombocytes hematopoietic precursor cell hematopoietic precursor cells hematopoietic stem cell precursor cell hematopoietic stem cell precursor cells precursor cell precursor cells endomitosis megakaryocyte morphogenesis platelet formation platelet morphogenesis proplatelet formation proplatelet morphogenesis thrombopoiesis differentiated megakaryocyte differentiated megakaryocytes pseudopod pseudopodia pseudopodial extension pseudopodial extensions pseudopods cytoplasm cytoplasm extension cytoplasm extensions cytoplasmic extension cytoplasmic extensions circulation circulatory system activated platelet activated platelets blood blood clotting clot human body human platelet human platelets nonactivated platelet OCS open canalicular system blood clot fibrin fibrin clot hemoglobin human nonactivated platelets megakaryocyte differentiation thrombopoietin

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