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Image #   29987B
Name:   Cronobacter sakazakii - Gram-negative, rod prokaryote (bacterium)
Copyright:   Copyright 2009 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Caption: Cronobacter sakazakii - Gram-negative, non-spore forming, rod prokaryote (bacterium). Cronobacter sakazakii belongs to the group Gamma Proteobacteria and it can be found in many environments, from soil to human tissues. For many years it was classified as Enterobacter sakazakii (also known as Enterobacter cloacae), but recent molecular typing has shown there are in fact four species, one genomospecies and two subspecies which have been placed in a new genus (Cronobacter) within the family Enterobacteriaceae. Cronobacter sakazakii has been linked to incidence of infant meningitis and necrotizing enterocolitis, most likely caused by post-process contamination of milk-based infant formulas. It can also cause bloodstream and central nervous system infections with associated seizures, brain abscess and hydrocephalus.
Magnification*: x4,800
Type: SEM
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   29987B 10.01.09 Cronobacter Cronobacter sakazakii infant meningitis meningitis enterocolitis necrotizing enterocolitis Enterobacteriaceae yellow-pigmented Enterobacter yellow-pigmented Enterobacter cloacae Enterobacter cloacae blood infection blood infections bloodstream infection bloodstream infections abcess abcesses central nervous system infection central nervous system infections enterotoxin enterotoxins bacteremia enterobacter infection UTI bacteria pathogen bacterial pathogen bacterium pathogen human disease human pathogen urinary tract infection powdered milk powdered milk formula powdered milk formulas infant bacteria infection infant bacteria infections infant infection infant infections neonate bacteria infection neonate bacteria infections neonate infection neonate infections Gram negative Gram-negative bacilli bacillus prokaryote prokaryotes rod rod bacteria rod bacterium rod shaped rod shaped bacteria rod shaped bacterium rod-shaped SEM genomospecies Enterobacteriales gamma proteobacteria gamma proteobacterim proteobacteria proteobacterium non-spore forming nonspore forming

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