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Image #   29954E
Name:   Periconia cookei - saprophytic fungus
Copyright:   Copyright 2009 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Caption: Periconia cookei - saprophytic, dematiaceous, anamorphic fungus. Periconia cookei grows on the stems of plants and produces a globose head on a straight, firm, hair-like stipe that becomes covered with a fuscous powder. Shown here is the hyphal stage of this fungus in the early stages of producing conidophores. It is difficult to phenotypically distinguish Periconia spores from the smuts, myxomycetes and other round, brown spore types. Periconia cookei is known to be a plant pathogen on bamboos in Asia and on ohia lehua trees in Hawaii. It is also known to be a mycoparasite on coffee rust (Hemileia vastatrix). Mycoparasitism, which is quite common in nature, has received special attention due to the search for biological control alternatives for diseases such as powdery and downy mildews. The coffee rust, Hemileia vastatrix, has been the most devastating disease of coffee cultivars and thus Periconia cookei has been studied for its potential biological control of rusts.
Magnification*: x240
Type: SEM
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   29954E 10.01.09 Periconia Periconia cookei fungal plant pathogen fungus saprophyte fungus saprophytes pathogenic fungi pathogenic fungus phytopathogen phytopathogenic fungi phytopathogenic fungus plant pathogen plant pathogenic fungi plant pathogenic fungus saprophyte saprophytes saprophytic fungi saprophytic fungus asexual asexual conidia asexual conidium asexual reproduction asexual spore asexual spores conidiophore conidiophores fungal conidiophore fungal conidiophores fungal spore fungal spores fungus conidia fungus conidiophore fungus conidiophores fungus conidium verrucose verrucose conidia verrucose conidum anamorphic anamorphic fungi anamorphic fungus dematiaceous anamorphic fungi dematiaceous anamorphic fungus dematiaceous fungi dematiaceous fungus fuscous powder plant pathogens stipe microfungi microfungus plant disease plant diseases plant fungus disease plant fungal disease Hemileia vastatrix coffee rust hyperparasite hyperparasites mycoparasite mycoparasites mycoparasitism mycoparasitic fungi mycoparasitic fungus fungal saprobe fungal saprobes fungi saprobe fungi saprobes fungus saprobe fungus saprobes biological control biocontrol fungi fungus SEM fungal hypha fungal hyphae fungus hypha fungus hyphae hypha hyphae fungal mycelia fungal mycelium fungus mycelia fungus mycelium mycelia mycelium saprophytic mold saprophytic molds vegetative hypha vegetative hyphae soil fungi soil fungus soil microbe soil microbes soil microorganism soil microorganisms rust rusts ohi'a lehua ohia lehua

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