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Image #   25453A
Name:   Yellow jacket wasp stinger (Vespula pensylvanica)
Copyright:   Copyright 2009 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Caption: Yellow jacket wasp stinger (Vespula pensylvanica). Yellow jacket wasps are members of the order Hymenoptera (meaning membrous wings) and belong to the family Vespidae. Like other wasps, yellow jackets chew bits of wood and leaves to make a paste, which they form into a paper-like nest. If a nest of yellow jackets is disturbed, workers will aggressively defend it by stinging. A hollow stinger is located at the rear of the yellow jacket's body. When it penetrates the skin, venom is injected through the stinger. It takes about 1,500 stings to kill an adult man. For people who are allergic, a single sting may result in a serious allergic reaction, or in some cases, death. Approximately 1 percent of the population may be allergic to yellow jacket venom. Yellow jackets can sting more than once. Yellow jackets can also be responsible for infection when a contaminated stinger can inject bacteria beneath the skin, causing blood poisoning.
Magnification*: x20
Type: SEM
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   25453A insects yellow jacket wasp yellow jacket wasp insect invertebrate invertebrates SEM Hymenopteran Hymenopterans stinger stingers wasp stinger wasp stingers wasps yellow jacket wasps yellow jackets Vespula pensylvanica Vespula Vespidae allergic reaction allergic wasp sting allergic wasp stings hollow stinger predatory wasp wasp sting wasp stings yellowjacket yellowjackets insect predator injected venom yellowjacket wasp yellowjacket wasps western yellow jacket western yellow jackets western yellowjacket western yellowjackets flying insect flying insects human pest human pests insect pest insect pests blood poisoning skin infection contaminated stinger venom wasp venom yellow jacket venom yellowjacket venom 08.01.09

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