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Image #   27686A
Name:   Chlorobium tepidum - thermophilic, green sulfur bacterium
Copyright:   Copyright 2009 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Caption: Chlorobium tepidum - Gram-negative, thermophilic, obligatory autotrophic, green sulfur prokaryote (bacterium). Chlorobium species grow in dense mats over hot springs (Yellowstone National Park) and other sulfide-rich waters, mud, and sediments. Chlorobium tepidum is an autotrophic bacterium that utilizes anoxygenic photosynthesis and produces elemental sulfur as a waste product. In addition, it can photo oxidize hydrogen as well as other sulfur compounds like sulfide, polysulfide, and thiosulfate. C.tepidum has special light-harvesting complexes called chlorosomes that contain bacteriochlorophylls and carotenoids. C.tepidum also has the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen. Oxidation of sulfide to sulfur has been studied in the past as a possible biocatalyst to remove acid gases made by the hydroprocessing of fossil fuels. The genome of Chlorobium tepidum has been sequenced, thus scientists are studying the origin and mechanisms of photosynthesis. Chlorobium tepidum utilization of nitrogen and sulfur compounds is also important in the global cycles of both nutrients
Magnification*: x2,600
Type: SEM
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   27686A Chlorobium Chlorobium tepidum bacteria bacterium rod rod-shaped chain chain forming mat mats thermophilic thermophile extremophile extremophilic gram negative chlorosomes sulfur anoxygenic anoxygenic photosynthesis SEM 04.01.09 chlorosome sulfide sulfide ozidation extremophiles extremophilic environment extremophilic environments thermophilic bacteria thermophilic bacterium bacteriochlorophylls carotenoid carotenoid pigment carotenoid pigments carotenoids light harvesting complex light-harvesting complex bacteriochlorophyll pigment bacteriochlorophyll pigments autotroph autotrophic autotrophic bacteria autotrophic bacterium autotrophs bacteria photosynthesis bacterial photosynthesis photosynthesis phototroph phototrophic phototrophic bacteriim phototrophic bacterium phototrophs anaerobe anaerobic anaerobic bacteria anaerobic bacterium anoxic anoxic environment anoxic environments sulfide rich water sulfide rich waters sulfide-rich water sulfide-rich waters photooxidation sulfide photooxidation sulfur photooxidation polysulfide oxidation sulfide oxidation thiosulfiate oxidation thiosulfiate photooxidation polysulfide photooxidation Gram-negative hydroprocessing hydroprocessing of fossil fuels genome sequence hydrogen photooxidation obligatory autotroph obligatory autotrophic obligatory autotrophs bacilli bacillus green sulfur bacteria green sulfur bacterium green sulfur prokaryote green sulfur prokaryotes rod-shaped bacteria rod-shaped bacterium sulfur bacteria sulfur bacterium Yellowstone National Park hot spring Yellowstone National Park hot springs elemental sulfur hot spring hot springs aquatic bacteria aquatic bacterium aquatic microbe aquatic microbes aquatic microorganism aquatic microorganisms bacteria mat bacteria mats microbial mat microbial mats sulfur waste sulfur waste product bacterial mat bacterial mats atmospheric nitrogen processing nitrogen fixation nitrogen processing eubacteria eubacterium green sulfur eubacteria green sulfur eubacterium green-sulfur eubacteria green-sulfur eubacterium Chlorobiaceae

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