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<i>Lactobacillus salivarius</i> - homofermentative probiotic bacterium
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Image #   281135B
Name:   Marine phytoplankton cryptomonad (Rhodomonas salina)
Copyright:   Copyright 2009 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Caption: Marine phytoplankton cryptomonad (Rhodomonas salina). The cryptomonads are a small group of flagellates, most of which have chloroplasts. They occur in marine and brackish water, as well fresh water. Cells are ovoid and flattened in shape with an anterior groove. At the edge of the goove there are two slightly unequal flagella used for locomotion. Cryptomonads are distinguished by the presence of specialized extrusomes called ejectisomes (not shown), which consist of two connected spiral ribbons that are held under tension. If the cells are disturbed either by mechanical, chemical or light, they discharge the ejectisome, propelling the cell in a zigzag course away from the disturbance. Originally cryptomonads were considered close relatives of the dinoflagellates because of their similar pigmentation. Botanists now treat them as a separate division called Cryptophyta, while zoologists treated them as protozoa flagellates in the order Cryptomonadida. There is considerable evidence that cryptomonad chloroplasts are closely related to those of heterokonts and haptophytes. These three groups are sometimes classified in a group called Chromista.
Magnification*: x1,200
Type: SEM
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   281135B 03.01.09 SEM Cryptomonadida Cryptophyta cryptomonads Cryptomonadales Cryptophyceae extrusome extrusomes ejectisome ejectisomes Chromista heterokonts biflagellate biflagellates protozoa protozoan protozoans flagella flagellum haptophyte haptophytes phytoplanton aquaculture aquaculture food aquaculture industry food chain food source high lipid lipid eukaryote eukaryotes eukaryotic cryptophyte alga cryptophyte algae cryptophyte flagellate cryptophyte phytoplankton cryptophyte plankton phytoplankton plankton protist protists single cell marine phytoplankton marine plankton salt water phytoplankton salt water plankton saltwater phytoplankton saltwater plankton sea water phytoplankton sea water plankton seawater phytoplankton seawater plankton marine flagellate marine flagellates lipid content alga photosynthesis algae photosynthesis marine photosynthesis marine cryptophyte marine cryptophytes heterokont salt water cryptomonad salt water cryptomonads salt water cryptophyte salt water cryptophytes saltwater cryptomonad saltwater cryptomonads saltwater cryptophyte saltwater cryptophytes sea water cryptophyte sea water cryptophytes seawater cryptomonad seawater cryptomonads seawater cryptophyte seawater cryptophytes Rhodomonas Rhodomonas salina

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