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<i>Micrococcus antarcticus</i> - psychrophilic (cold tolerant) bacterium
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Image #   28567C
Name:   Cellulose degrading bacterium Fibrobacter succinogenes
Copyright:   Copyright 2008 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Caption: Cellulose degrading rumen bacterium Fibrobacter succinogenes. Fibrobacter succinogenes, also known as Bacteroides succinogenes, is one of the most important cellulolytic bacterium (cellulose degrading bacteria) in animal intestinal tracts (rumen). Cows, like all herbivorous ruminant animals, have a complex stomach divided into chambers. One such chamber is the rumen that contains rumen bacteria. In the rumen bacteria live symbiotically in large numbers and serve to break down cellulose in plants, making plant matter digestible. F. succinogenes actively adheres to cellulose. F. succinogenes produces both a series of cellulose-binding proteins, some of which have endoglucanase activity and a thin glycoprotein glycocalyx that results in strong adhesion to cellulose. Fibrobacter spp. are rod shaped, obligate anaerobic, gram-negative, saccharolytic bacteria. The main by-products of their anaerobic respiration are acetic acid, iso-valeric acid, and succinic acid. Methane is also produced in the rumen. The major precursor of the methane formed in the rumen is hydrogen. This hydrogen is produced during the fermentation of feed by the rumen microbial community and is used by methanogenic bacteria to produce methane.
Magnification*: x3,000
Type: SEM
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   28567C 12.01.08 herbivorous animals herbivorous animal herbaceous animals herbaceous animal ruminant ruminants cow digestive tract cow digestion bovine digestion digestive tract bacterium digestive tract bacteria Fibrobacter succinogenes Bacteroides succinogenes cellulolytic ruminal bacteria cellulolytic ruminal bacterium cellulolytic bacteria cellulolytic bacterium ruminal bacteria ruminal bacterium rumen bacterium rumen bacteria cellulose degrading bacteria cellulose degrading bacterium cellulose degrading acetic acid iso-valeric acid succinic acid endoglucanase cellulose binding proteins cellulose cellulase anaerobic respiration bacilli bacillus bacteria bacterium Bacteroides gram negative gram-negative animal flora intestinal flora intestine flora intestinal tract bacteria intestinal tract bacterium animal intestinal animal digestive tract bacterium rod rod shaped bacterium rod shaped bacteria saccharolytic SEM stomach chambers stomach chamber cow stomach rumen microbial community methane production animal methane production methanogenic methanogen methanogenic bacteria methanogenic bacterium methanotropic methanotropic bacteria methanotrophic bacterium anaerobic microbial fermentation anaerobic fermentation fermentation rumen fermentation cellulose bacteria cellulose bacterium anaerobe animal digestive tract bacteria animal intestinal bacteria animal intestinal bacterium intestine bacterium intestine bacteria intestinal bacterium intestinal bacteria cow stomach bacteria

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