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Image #   98507C
Name:   Human fibroblasts in culture
Copyright:   Copyright 2008 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Caption: Human fibroblasts in culture. A fibroblast is a type of cell common in the connective tissue that synthesizes and continuously secretes precursors of the extracellular matrix in mammal tissues. Fibroblast cells are actively dividing cells that develop into connective tissue (such as collagen) in the human body. Inactive fibroblasts, also called fibrocytes, are small and spindle shaped. Like other cells of connective tissue fibroblasts are derived from primitive mesenchyme. Their stem cell line produces the osteoblasts of bone, the adipocytes of fat, and the chondrocytes in cartilage. Fibroblasts provide a structural framework (stroma, cytoskeleton) for many tissues and play a critical role in wound healing. Unlike epithelial cells fibroblasts do not form monolayers and can also migrate slowly over substratum as individual cells. Fibroblasts make collagens, glycosaminoglycans, reticular and elastic fibers, and glycoproteins found in the extracellular matrix. Fibroblasts are also grown as ""feeder cells"" to help support the growth of stem cells.
Magnification*: x400
Type: SEM
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   98507C medical SEM fibroblast 09.01.08 fibroblasts collagen fibroblast cell fibroblast cellos cell culture cellular connective tissue fibroblast culture growth heal healing cell repair tissue repair cell healing tissue healing extracellular matrix ECM tissue tissue growth human fibroblast human fibroblasts human cell human cells human body mammal tissue mammal tissues primitive mesenchyme mesenchyme cell migration cell support cell secretion structural framework stroma cytoskeleton cytoskeletal feeder cell feeder cells stem cell support supporting stem cell supporting stem cells wound healing tissue fibroblast tissue fibroblasts glycosaminoglycans glycosaminoglycan reticular fibers elastic fibers glycoproteins glycoprotein fibroocyte fibrocytes collagens stem cell stem cells

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