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Image #   27173C
Name:   Fungal colony (mycelium) of Trichophyton rubrum
Copyright:   Copyright 2008 Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Description:   Caption: Fungal colony (mycelium) of Trichophyton rubrum. Trichophyton rubrum is an anthropophilic dermatophyte. Dermatophyte fungi infect keratinized tissues (skin, nails, hair) in humans and other animals. The downy strain of T. rubrum has become the most widely distributed dermatophyte of humans. It frequently causes chronic infections of skin, nails and rarely scalp. The granular strain is a frequent cause of tinea corporis in South East Asia and in Aborigines living in the Northern Territory of Australia. However, since the Vietman War, it has been spread throughout the world. The thread-like structures are hyphae, the vegetative filamentous cells of this fungus. This hyphal stage is the saprophytic stage of the fungus. Fungal growth is usually confined to tips of hyphae, where asexual reproduction occurs by spore formation. Dermatophytes preferentially inhabit the nonliving, cornified layers of the skin, hair, and nail, which is attractive for its warm, moist environment conducive to fungal growth. Other species of Trichophyton can cause disease in humans, inhabiting the skin, nails and scalp.
Magnification*: x35
Type: SEM
    *(Magnifications are based on a 35mm slide image of 24mm in the narrow dimension.)
Keywords:   27173C fungi fungus fungal infection dermatophyte soil fungus skin fungus skin fungi human infection human disease animal infection athlete's foot jock itch Trichophyton bacterial contaminant bacteria bacterium atheletes foot tinea coporis disease body infection fungal human hypha hyphae infection fungus colony fungal colony fungi colony colony infectious micro-organism microbe mycelium mycelia anthropophilic dermatophyte dermophytes dermophyte mycology human pathogen fungal parasite fungus parasite parasitic infection dermatophytes fungi parasite pathogenic skin Trichophyton rubrum skin infections skin infection nail infection nail infections scalp infections scalp infection saprophyte saprophytic chronic infection chronic infections ring worm tinea dermatophytic zoophilic geophilic SEM 05.01.08

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